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For sealing principles and methods

For sealing principle
Want to learn the seal, you must first understand the understanding of the principle of leakage, leakage, the corresponding sealing mechanism is. There are three kinds of leak:
One is the leakage, also is the gap between the sealing surface leakage
The two is that the leakage of sealing fluid through the capillary leak seal materials
Three is the dispersion, refers to the concentration difference in the role of the sealed medium through the gap or capillary material of the material delivery.
For sealing methods
There are so many ways of sealing -
1, as far as possible to reduce the installation of sealed parts
2 obstruction and obstruction
3 draw or write
4, add the leakage resistance
5. Add working elements in the passage
6, a combination of sealing methods
The most common way of sealing
Gasket seals, packing seals, mechanical seals, non touch seals, and injection type plugging with pressure are common sealing methods. In the meantime, packing seal should be the most visible, it also contains soft packing seal, hard packing seal and molding packing seal. Molding packing seal includes our O ring, Y ring, oil seal and so on. Non touch seals include void seals, labyrinth seals, floating seals, power seals, magnetic fluid seals, and fully enclosed seals.
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