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Mechanical seals work and maintain normally

1. Preparations and matters needing attention before launching
(1) comprehensive inspection of mechanical seals, as well as equipment and pipe equipment is not complete, is not in line with technical requirements?.
(2) mechanical seals launched before the static experiment, the mechanical seal is not leaked to view the scene. If the leakage is more, should identify the factors to eliminate. If it is still invalid, the equipment should be removed, examined and re - installed. Normally, the hydrostatic pressure is 2~3 kg / cm2.
(3) according to the pump rotate to turning, see is not uniform light. Such as turning demanding or not move, you should check the equipment size is not the fault of equipment is not reasonable.
2, equipment and outage
(1) the liquid should be kept in the sealed cavity before starting. As for the transportation of condensed medium, steam is used to heat the sealing chamber and melt the medium. It is necessary to avoid turning before starting, suddenly started to form a flexible ring fragmentation.
(2) on the use of pump sealing system of mechanical seals, should start an oil seal system. Last stop sealing system after parking.
(3) after the hot oil pump stops, the cooling water of the oil seal cavity and the end face can not be stopped immediately. When the oil temperature at the end face seal falls below 80 degrees, the cooling water can be stopped to avoid damaging the sealing parts.
3, work
(1) if there is a slight leakage of the pump after the launch scene should be observed for a period of time. Such as 4 hours of continuous work, leakage is not reduced, it should stop the pump check.
(2) the operating pressure of the pump shall be stable, and the pressure shall not be greater than 1 kg / cm2.
(3) pump at work, should avoid chouxia attack scene, to avoid the formation of the sealing surface and seal damage stem conflict.
(4) the sealing condition should be examined frequently. In the work, when the leakage exceeds the standard, heavy oil is less than 5 drops per minute, the light oil is not greater than 10/, such as 2-3, still no improvement trend, should stop the pump check sealing device.
In the China carry out seal "endless, the ancients used cotton, hemp fiber to do mechanical seals provided water, and abroad until 1782 by packing. The importance of the seal, here is not to say, now the foreign research subject now showing sealing rules, sealing equipment planning skills and apply scientific principle -- "seal", scientific research institutions also have professional courses and specialized seminars seal, in Chinese, so far as I know, there are fluid mechanics and hydraulic transmission course in the University, but there is not a special seminar "seal seal system", so our research level compared with other countries, there is still a distance.
There are many fields of expertise in the field of seals, in addition to data and machinery, mechanics (including fluid mechanics, boundary layer theory, etc.), conflict, automatic control, and so on. So speaking of sealing, the difficulty of research is relatively large. Domestic seal professional level, personally believe that compared with foreign countries, the distance should be no less than 50 years.
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