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Examples of marking of machined surface roughness

On the same pattern, each appearance is usually marked with one (or symbol) number, and as close as possible to the relevant scale. When space is small or inconvenient to mark, it can lead out the sign. When all the parts have the same appearance surface roughness request, can be marked in the upper right corner of the drawing, NC when most parts have the same appearance appearance roughness request, to which most use a generation (Fu), to note in the upper right corner of the drawing, filling and other "" or "full" word. Uniform marks, surface roughness, symbols and instructions shall be 1.4 times the height of the drawings.
The appearance of parts, repeated elements (such as holes, teeth, slots, etc.) on a part, and the same outer surface joined by a thin solid line, whose surface roughness is marked only once
The same appearance have different surface roughness request, using thin lines to draw its boundaries, and obtain corresponding surface roughness and scale.
When the gears, threads and other operations do not draw the teeth (teeth), their surface roughness is represented by the notation (notation).
The appearance of the base hole, the work surface of the keyway, the surface roughness of the chamfer and the rounded corners can be simplified.
Need to be part of the heat treatment or partial plating (coating) coatings, using thick dashed line to draw its scale and indicate the corresponding scale, which can be written on the note request line surface roughness symbols on the long side.
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